At a recent roundtable discussion, leaders from several different industries gathered to discuss the multi-generational workforce issues, trends, challenges and opportunities in their industry. This video blog provides their insight as a result of the discussion.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Carol Hagans, Director of Counseling & Consultation Services at Butler University, believes we need to remember who we currently have in the workforce and who we have coming in. She mentions that we are now more diverse, more fast-paced and need to keep everyone's preferences in mind.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Harry Danz, Partner at That's Good HR, discusses that the incremental cost of hiring has gone up over time. He believes we all need to communicate and talk openly about these issues. He also mentions that there are more similarities than differences, we just seem to highlight the differences in the generations, and we can all definitely learn something from each generation.

One of the interesting things I discovered at the multi-generational roundtable was how diverse our experiences have been in this area. It was interesting to hear how attitude and perceptions come to the surface based on our generational work / life experiences and how diverse those perspectives can appear whether we are in a corporate environment, social environment, familial environment or even an academic environment.

Linda D. Jimenez
Staff Vice President - Diversity Leadership
WellPoint, Inc.